Our partners

Our partners for electronic material and on-board computing.

We intervene mainly on products from brands who follow :


World leader on the market of electronic seafaring, our partner FURUNO is specialized in development and sales of electronic material of sailing seafaring.



The company Navico is our partner for the sailing electronic. Navico is specialize on seafaring and sailing industry.



Expert on conception and production of electronic sailing materials: radars, sounder, automatic pilot ... The Company Simrad is the world leader on its market.



The firm Raymarine is specialized in sailing instrumentation and development of a range of electronic sailing products of high technology: sailing audio, camera, radar, software ...



Garmin, American firm, is our partner for equipment for ships in seafaring system by GPS.



The company ICOM is our partner for radio communication sailing products: portable, relay, fix ... The sailing products of the firm ICOM are worldwide know.

cobham 2

Expert in radars and survival material, the products Cobham are found on the pleasure boat, defense boat and security boat for the maritime seafaring.


Nautical material maker, Cassens&Plath make high quality material for maritime seafaring in high seas and coastal area.


The company Jotron is our partner for communication systems for maritime security.


koden 4

The Koden's products are specialized in maritime electronic equipment : radars, sounder, sonars, GPS navigator and all types of accessories for on-board computing on ships.


Flir is the leader on the thermal camera's market : thermal cameras portables and fixed.

ZenitelVingtor stentofon

The company Zenitel is our partner in the domain of maritime communication. Zenitel equiped all types of new ships, the replacement of servers and the Efter-self services of yout ship's equipment.

In the sailing sector, Amesys is specialised in the conception, the fabrication and the maintenance of sailing material dedicated to the defence and the navy.


Chauvin Arnoux 

Chauvin Arnoux is our partner for test and measures portable products and instruments. Arnoux Chauvin is the European leader on it market.


Rohde & schartz  

Materials maker in the wireless communication sector, Rohde & Schartz is since 80 years leader on the market in terms of precision and innovation in the wireless communication.


precilec zodiac 

Zodiac Nautic is our partner in equipment for ships in inflatable boat. The company Zodiac is leader on the market, it is also specialized in weather balloon.




The company Intellian accompanied us as partner in the equipment for antenna system ships and stabilized satellites: communication and television by satellite.



Rhotheta is a company specialized in high quality radio conception and production for the sailing sector.



Sailmon is a hardware company for sailboat. It developing hardware, software, apps, and an online platform and by integrating smartphones, tablets and internet connectivity in our future-proof solutions available to everyone.