Work Boat

We propose according to contract and request

  • Interventions in  France and to international
  • Various problem
  • Action plan
  • Writting and establishing modification order and rectification.
  • Radar to magnetron and solide state
  • Distribution video associed to radars
  • Gyrocompas, CCV, ECV with peripheric , relais de CAP, UTS, répétiteurs de Cap, rolling, pitching.
  • Autopilot
  • Wind network
  • Fishfinder
  • Sonar  
  • Interphonie network
  • Diffusion
  • TAG phone auto generator
  • Loch
  • Compass
  • Tracer table
  • Goniomètre



We can give you our references about realisations for differents plans. 

Services boat & Sailing Works, "TSM",  Chantier DELAVERGNE

 Réalisations navires profesionnels

Check up  :

  • Check of generator, and isolation
  • Preventive check of devices for energy production/management (battery, chargers, alternators, overall modification, converter) 

FPB110Le FPB110 Ocea, electronic et electricity realised by Robin Marine.