Preventive and corrective maintenance of sailling and communication installations on navy ships.

We offer according to contract and request

  • An Hot line 24/24 7 day on 7
  • Interventions in  France and to international
  • Various problem
  • Action plan
  • Writting and establishing modification order and rectification.


Installations :

  • Radar to magnetron and solide state
  • Distribution video associed to radars
  • Gyrocompas, CCV, ECV with peripheric , relais de CAP, UTS, répétiteurs de Cap, rolling, pitching.
  • Autopilot
  • Wind network
  • Fishfinder
  • Sonar  
  • Interphonie network
  • Diffusion
  • TAG phone auto generator
  • Loch
  • Compass
  • Table traçante
  • Goniomètre



We realise services for the DSSF of Brest and Toulon (current market)

  • Repairs of bases loch doppler of miners hunters
  • Radar and autopilot formations for military workshops


  • In subcontracting, of the principals actors responsibles of the MCO contracts of the Navy.


Exemples :

- Hydrographic ships kind Laplace,


- Sonar tug ships kind Aldebaran,

- Oceanic hydrographic ships kind Beautemps - Beaupré,


- RPC (Tug and little navy ships),

- Command and Food supplies ships kind Somme and Dupuy-de-lome,